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Remark / Important Notices:

1) All prices are in US dollars.

2) Our product price does not include customs fees or tax (if any) at the destination country. If any expenses occur, the customer will be responsible for this part of the cost.

3) Before buying our product, the customer must make sure by checking with the Customs or Import Inspection Department of the destination country that is it allowed to import Agarwood and/or Agarwood products to the destination country? In the case of the product has been ordered, we will assume that the customer has completed the information checking process. When the product has been delivered to the destination country, and the concerned department rejects it, the causes product is returned to the country of origin, and we will not be responsible for any damages or costs that occur.

4) Agarwood pieces are natural products. Therefore cannot choose the shape and the size of the piece of wood.

5) After receiving the order, the store may take the 2-3 business days for CITES certificate submitting before forwarding the product to shipping company.