How to see fake Agarwood

fake agarwood

The most expensive wood, Agarwood is an aromatic wood. There are a lot of various species in the market. And grade of wood by each species will give a different scent which species do consumers flavor. And have high market demand Assembled with good quality wood. Resulting in the high price of Agarwood The main […]

Agarwood (أفضل نوعية العود) with the best quality from Nong Mak Fai

Agarwood with Best quality from Nong Mak Fai

Because nowadays, our world has been affected by environmental degradation and the extinction of many organisms. Often seen in many parts of the world, Agarwood is another plant that has been affected by this. Due to the past, there are villagers secretly smuggled to cut Agarwood in the forest until making Agarwood in the Thailand […]