Return/Refund and Delivery Policy


Return Conditions

  1. Customers can return only products specified as a return only. Therefore, customers must check the conditions of the product before purchasing it.
  2. Returned products must not be unsealed. In the event that the seal is opened, it cannot be returned if you want to test the smell of the product. We encourage you to order a trial product to use before buying a larger pack.
  3. Returning products The customer will be responsible for the return shipping fees to the shop themselves. As well as if there is a charge in import taxes or other expenses that occur from the case of returning the store, The customer will be responsible for all costs incurred.
  4. Before placing an order, Customers must check with customs. Or agencies related to import approval that can import Agarwood or Agarwood products? If an order has been placed, we will assume that you have checked with the relevant authorities regarding the import authorization. If a problem occurs, the import is not allowed after we have shipped the product. Causing the product to be returned to the country of origin And may cause import tax expenses The customer will be responsible for the shipping costs, fees, and various taxes resulting from the return of that product. The remaining margin from the deduction of expenses will then be transferred back to the customer.
  5. If wanting to return the product, please send an email to [email protected] After we receive the email, we will notify you of the process.
  6. For returned products, The shop will check the condition of the products to be in the conditions ready for sale or not. Defective product conditions may result in the store returning part of the product in accordance with the damage value.

          Incorrect or Damaged item:  If you have received the wrong product or has been damaged in transit, please inform us via whatapp +660933963598 or email to [email protected]



  1. If the customer has already ordered the product, the product has not yet been delivered. And want to make a refund, can be done by you receiving a refund according to conditions of your bank and your method of payment. If you have questions about this procedure, please contact the bank. Or the financial institution that you use the service
  2. Customers will receive a refund after the store receives back the product and inspects the condition of the product. As well as various costs that occurred from the return of the product is completed only
  3. We will charge the full inbound freight. Including import taxes as well as other costs associated with sending the product back to the store (if any). So please note that every item that customer purchases has been paid we provide some of the shipping cost for customer. Therefore, when the customer makes return goods, the shipping cost will be calculated and charge at full cost.
  4. Customers wishing to receive a refund must open a PayPal account. The account name must be the same as the customer’s name only. The shop will transfer the money back to the customer after the summary of expenses deducted. This process may take 5-10 business days after receiving the product.



  1. After the shop has received orders from customers, The shop will deliver products to customers following this.
    • Free delivery for customers in Thailand, cut off time at 10:00 am every Monday – Saturday, same day delivery (except Thailand public holiday).
    • International customers ship within 5-7 business days in order to prepare the customs documents for the destination country.
  2. Customers will be responsible for shipping costs (if any). The system will calculate the shipping cost for customers on the checkout page.
  3. Shipping from different countries of origin to various destinations Depending on the type of transportation that customers choose. Or international distance
  4. After the goods have been hand over to the shipping company. We will inform you of the shipping number by email to use to track the package.
  5. The shipment may be delayed. Depending on other factors that cause transportation delays than usual, such as the political crisis in some countries. The situation of the outbreak of Covid-19, etc.