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We are an Agarwood online store from Thailand, we are representative shop of Nong Mak Fai Agarwood Community Enterprise Group (NACEG).

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our mission

Deliver the right quality product at a friendly price.

Jay&Kim Agarwood Founder


Jay&Kim Agarwood was established on March 6, 2020, by Mr.Bhunnapas and Mrs.Preeyarkorn Changsiriphathanakun. This shop representative of the Nong Mak Fai Agarwood Community Enterprise Group (NACEG) selling products produced by our members. Therefore, our customers will buy the product with the price, not through an intermediary.

our policy

Promote Coomunity Incomes

Promote Community Income

This shop is an online store which representative of Nong Mak Fai Agarwood Community Enterprise Group (NACEG). We encourage the group member to earn more income.

Agarwood from Nong Mak Fai

We are selling products not through a Middlemen.

The prices of products sold in this online store are not through a middlemen. Therefore, our customers will receive a Good Quality Products at a Friendly Price.

Order from anywhere

Order from Anywhere in this World

No matter where you are, you can Order Through our Online Store. We are ready to deliver products to you around the world by World-Class Shipping Company.

Encourage planting trees in a natural way

We promote planting Agarwood as the natural way in a suitable area. Moreover, we encourage not to use any chemicals and harvest at the right time, to produce the best quality agarwood products.

We trust in the safety production process

Grade quality products Manufactured using safe traditional methods.

Natural Agarwood Tree
Villager cut Agarwood to small piece
Natural agarwood oil process

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