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We are the Agarwood products online store, representative of Nong Mak Fai Agarwood Community Enterprise Group (NACEG). Our products are selecting with excellent grade quality. While our price friendly because we sell the products, not through an intermediary. Moreover, you able to make the order from anywhere in the world whenever you connect the internet.

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6 reasons to buy from us

Pure 100%

Natural processes produce our products. Do not use chemicals in both cultivation and production.

Good Quality

Our products are manufactured by experts in the NACEG and selected only the right quality product to serve our customers.

No Middleman

Our products are manufactured in groups and sold by the representative store of NACEG. Not buy through the middleman.

Friendly Price

The products of our shop are of good quality but a friendship price.

Able to Order from Anywhere

You can order our products from our online store anywhere in the world.

Ship Around the World

The world leader shipping company will deliver your order as soon. 


Promo Agarwood oudh oil

Agarwood Oil (Trad) Top Selected

Net volume 1 Tora. (12 ml.), Sweet minty and breezy scent.

Promotion Agarwood chips

Agarwood Chips Grade AA

Net weight: 1 Tora (12 grams), dark brown to black color and rich aroma.

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What is Agarwood Oud Oil